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BASF partners with TNO and Wageningen University & Research Consortium on personalized nutrition

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Algemeen advies 27/03/2018 14:27
27 Mar 2018 --- BASF has joined the Personalized Nutrition & Health consortium founded by TNO and Wageningen University & Research. The consortium researches the capabilities needed to enable personalized nutrition and health advice on a large scale. As part of the collaboration, BASF is to contribute to the consortium’s research fields with its health ingredients brand, Newtrition, and use its scientific capabilities on optimized micronutrient intake for improvement of health and prevention of diseases along all stages of life.

BASF notes that this partnership will present an opportunity for Newtrition to collaborate with partners in the industry to bring personalized solutions to the market. Personalized nutrition and health advice helps people make optimized choices, that suit their body’s needs, personality and social environment. Newtrition is continuously expanding its footprint with ecosystems that can drive the growth of the market and deliver the right nutrients to the right people at the right time.

“This collaboration is a key milestone in our commitment to shape the future with ecosystems that foster the progress of personalized nutrition and health,” says François Scheffler, Head of BASF Global Human Nutrition. “We are passionate about developing innovations that can enable each one of us to reach our full potential with science-based choices underpinned by personal needs.”

Over the coming years, the consortium aims to place in the hands of its members the technology, knowledge and insights that can guide the development of personalized products and services. The consortium aims to function as the ideal platform for translating expertise in diagnostics, digital health advice and physical product intervention into compelling products for consumers.

“We welcome BASF to our international research consortium,” says Dr. Peter van Dijken, Managing Director TNO Healthy Living. “Their worldwide presence and focus on science-based advice suit us very well.”

Dr. Raoul Bino, Managing Director, Agrotechnology & Food Science Groups, Wageningen University & Research, adds: “We believe that personalized nutrition can guide people towards healthy behavioral patterns. It has enormous potential for preventing and possibly even curing non-communicable diseases and other lifestyle disorders.”

“There is growing scientific evidence of the benefits that nutrition can have on health, as well as the important roles played by phenotypes, genotypes and metabotypes. Putting all of this together, we believe personalized nutrition is not something for tomorrow or the future – its time is now,” Simon Strauch, Director of Global Marketing for BASF Human Nutrition, said during an extensive interview with The World of Food Ingredients

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