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Thermoforming compostable CPLA food trays at NPE 2018

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Overig advies 06/04/2018 09:34
Italy’s OMG thermoforming machine manufacturer and raw materials producer Advanced Extrusion Inc, headquartered in Minnesota, USA have teamed up to thermoform 100% crystallized compostable CPLA food trays at NPE 2018

At NPE 2018, the triennial plastics mega-event held in Orlando, Florida, OMG SRL will be exhibiting its fully automatic servo driven thermoformer at the company’s booth (South Hall, upper level #S34034).
The company, established in 1965 in Turin, Italy, is known for manufacturing thermoforming machines that are simple to operate, offer high-speed production capability, quick and easy tooling changes, and automated parts handling systems.
The energy-efficient electric OMG thermoformer produces finished parts with the help of precision rule-die trimming on a heavy-duty tonnage 4 post servo-driven trim press. Parts such as food trays, lids, containers, cups, and clamshells are loaded into an auto–stacking-counting station, an integral part of the OMG thermoforming system. Parts are then mechanically discharged onto a final packing station.
At the NPE, OMG will be thermoforming Advanced Extrusion’s 100% crystallized ccompostable CPLA food trays during the opening hours of the show. The material – plant-based PLA resin - is able to withstand surface temperatures of up to 250°F and is microwave friendly. What’s more, OMG will use the same CPLA tooling to thermoform AEI’s CPET withstanding temperatures of minus 20°F up to 375°F intended for conventional ovens. Both materials incorporate a unique nucleating agent to promote accelerated crystallization during the thermoforming process.
AEI will be exhibiting at NPE2018 in Booth #S23014

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