Corbion to present AlgaPrime(TM) DHA as part of newly extended animal nutrition portfolio at Eurotier 2018

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09/11/2018 14:07
Corbion will showcase its innovative and expanding range of animal nutrition solutions at this year's Eurotier exhibition in Hannover, Germany (13-16 November). For the first time, the company will present its newly integrated microalgae platform via AlgaPrime(TM) DHA, a sustainable, omega-3-rich whole algae ingredient for use in animal production, aquaculture and pet feed, alongside its most recent innovation, ALOAPUR®. Offering the first application of lactylates in animal nutrition, ALOAPUR® is highly effective in improving gut health and promoting growth in pigs and broilers.

Introducing AlgaPrime(TM) DHA
Following Corbion's acquisition of substantially all assets of algae-products specialist, TerraVia, in September 2017, visitors to this year's Eurotier exhibition will be able to explore the company's newly expanded capabilities, including AlgaPrime(TM) DHA. A traceable, sustainable and high-quality alternative to marine-based omega-3s and is the winner of the 2017 Global Aquaculture Innovation Award. AlgaPrime(TM) DHA offers long chain omega-3s that are critical for the optimal growth and development of fish, especially in the earlier stages of life. In addition, studies have shown that these critical elements of fish nutrition can also benefit the health of companion and production animals.

Marc den Hartog, Executive Vice President - Innovation Platforms at Corbion, comments: "We are delighted to present AlgaPrime(TM) DHA for the first time at Eurotier. Being able to showcase our wider portfolio, alongside our team of experts, is an excellent opportunity - not only to demonstrate our newly acquired capabilities, but also promote the synergies across the two entities. Through a combination of innovation and sustainability, we can really highlight what we aim to achieve at Corbion - whether that's through ongoing product development to cater to our customers' specific requirements, or co-creating with our partners to develop breakthrough technologies, together."

Leveraging lactylates in animal nutrition
Developed in anticipation of forthcoming antibiotic usage regulations, ALOAPUR® is a biobased solution offering producers the ability to increase yield and profitability by effectively controlling Gram positive bacteria. Created by reacting specially selected fatty acids and lactic acid, ALOAPUR® is used to modulate gut microflora in pigs and broilers, in turn improving gut health and promoting optimal growth.

"There is growing concern regarding the use of antibiotics to support animal health among consumers and across the industry, resulting in many feed compounders looking for alternative ingredients, for both growth promotion and therapeutics. The inclusion of ALOAPUR® in feed means animals are better able to combat bacteria, such as Clostridium perfringens and Streptococcus, to achieve better feed conversion under suboptimal conditions," explains Nico Kors, Sales Director - Animal Health.

For further information regarding Corbion's animal health ingredients portfolio, visit stand A28, hall 23 at Eurotier, Hannover, Germany, 13-16 November or visit:

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